Bujaruelo Valley

Biosphere Reserve

Likewise, although it does not belong to the National Park, it is worth mentioning the Bujaruelo valley in the western zone. Less known than Ordesa, he has nothing to envy. This valley is open and spacious, and the Ara River is born there. It is worth knowing.

It is accessed by following the access road to the Ordesa Valley: on the bridge of Los Navarros, taking the track that goes off to the left you can reach the meadow of San Nicolás de Bujaruelo.

From here you can make excursions through the four valleys:

  • Otal Valley
  • Ordiso Valley (waterfalls and suspension bridge)
  • Sandaruelo Valley (gabarnie and bernatuara)
  • Ara Valley

The Tendeñera massif and the Vignemale stand out.

Already on the French side: the Valley and Cirque de Gavarnie, another impressive glacial cirque that at its head has the highest waterfall in Europe, with more than 400 meters of vertical fall.

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