Ordesa valley

Open valley, spacious, full length tour by Arazas River to its confluence with Ara, presents a clear glacial trough-shaped in profile or U, the result of an activity completed by the imprint erosive river.

A special structure Valley and unique geologic features, topography and shape characteristic, determined by their calcareous nature. 

  • Arazas waterfalls: Arazas river runs 12km along the valley of Ordesa. Its numerous waterfalls: Cola de Caballo in the circus of Soaso, Gradas de Soaso, waterfall of Estrecho, la Cueva, Arripas and least known of Abetos, Molinieto and Tamborrotera.
  • Carriata Circus: Circus glacial side. Excels Tozal characteristic relief of Mallo, with 300 meters of vertical wall.
  • Circus Cotatuero: Large glacial cirque, located east of Carriata. It has a delicate step with plugs that save the impressive vertical rocky terrain.
  • Circus of Soaso: Header Arazas River valley where you can see the beauty of the famous waterfall of Horsetail. Access Point Goriz refuge, a distance of one hour. Overview of the Three Sorores.
  • Faja Pelay: Cornice suspended allowing excellent views of the river canyon Arazas. You must access it in Meadow taking the slope Ordesa Hunters Trail to the lookout on the bow of Calcilarruego. It is not advisable to take the belt from SOAS circus.
  • Lower Turieto Forest
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Nature at its best
Bungalows Ordesa | Huesca | Ordesa National Park and surroundings

Ordesa National Park and surroundings

Where the valleys are covered by forests and meadows, where the water forms waterfalls and crosses canyons and ravines

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